South Baldwin


Channeling Grimm

A Young Artist Series Production

Cameron doesn't know what to write for an honors English assignment on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Luckily, her friend has a solution… watch TV versions of the tales! But when Cameron points the unusual looking remote at the TV, instead they find the wackiest assortment of fairy-tale themed programming!

April 12-21


2024 Winners!

Best Local Theater

Best Youth Theater

Best Director: Sharon Soldan-Watson

Best Actor: River Hallex

2023 Winners!

Best Local Theater

Best Theater Troupe

Best Youth Theater

Best Production: "The Bad Seed"

Best Actor: Cade Wittman 

2022 Winners!

Best Director: Sharon Watson  

Best Youth Theater

Best Local Production: "Clue"

Best Actor: Allison Pryor

South Baldwin Community Theatre is a non-profit organization founded in 1972 by the late Father Anthony Zoghby, Nancy Holk Totman and the late Herb Anderson. Members of the SBCT group come from all walks of life; attorneys, housewives, teachers, doctors, etc., who combine their talents to bring a piece of the performing arts to the Alabama Gulf Coast.  It is through the support of this entire community that we are able to be here, and our goal is to bring the dramatic arts alive to everyone.  We hope you will experience the magic of SBCT and be touched emotionally by one of our productions.  May your spirits be lightened, your horizons broadened, and your hearts able to soar, at least for a time. Come join us and meet your friends at the Theatre!