SBCT Young Artist Series

Auditions for YAS Production A Christmas Carol 8/20 and 8/22. Sign up for a time slot HERE

Here is a delightfully refreshing version of Charles Dickens’s classic Christmas tale told from a new perspective - a young boy’s grandfather. Thomas enjoys spending time at his grandfather’s prominent London business, but has trouble understanding why his grandfather would give his hard-earned money to the poor. This gives Grandfather the perfect opportunity to tell the story of Ebenezer Scrooge as he recalls it, and a traditional retelling of A Christmas Carol comes to life onstage as a play-within-a-play. As the story goes, of course, revelations brought by visiting his past, present, and future with three ghosts persuade Scrooge to turn his life around. In this beautifully written adaptation, you’ll find all of the classic Charles Dickens characters, including Jacob Marley, Scrooge’s sister Fan and even his long-lost Belle. The play ends uniquely with a heartwarming surprise for all as we learn who Thomas’ grandfather really is.

CAST Requirements

OLD MAN - grandfather of Thomas; owner of a prominent London lending business in the early 1900s

SOLICITOR - middle-aged London businessman

THOMAS - school-aged boy who adores his grandfather, but doesn’t understand generosity

BOB CRATCHIT - poor clerk of Ebenezer Scrooge’s

SCROOGE - miserly old man, bitter and gruff to all

MR. TURLEY - friendly, good-natured caretaker at St. Beatrice’s Orphanage; quite confident with his orphan charges, but terribly afraid of Sister Angelene

EMMA - young orphan; 6-10 years of age

LILLIAN - another

FRED - good-hearted nephew of Scrooge; fun loving and generous

MRS. DILBER - Scrooge’s housekeeper and cook; helps support her family by borrowing from her employer

MARLEY - Scrooge’s deceased partner

PAST - young teenage girl dressed in white with pale complexion; shows little emotion toward Scrooge

FAN - young teenage girl who was Scrooge’s older sister

BOY SCROOGE - Scrooge as a young boy in boarding school between 8-12 years of age

YOUNG SCROOGE - Scrooge as a young adult man during his apprenticeship

BELLE - young woman of similar age to Young 11 Scrooge; daughter of Fezziwig, under whom Scrooge apprenticed

PRESENT - middle-aged man who sarcastically deals with Scrooge’s reluctance to see

the error of his ways

TINY TIM - crippled youngest son of the Cratchits

MRS. CRATCHIT - woman of similar age to Bob with a strong will towards Scrooge and passionate feelings towards Tiny Tim

SISTER ANGELENE - elder nun who runs St. Beatrice’s Orphanage; kind and loving to her charges, but a taskmaster towards Mr. Turley

TOPPER - not-so-bright friend of Fred; enamored with Mary

MARY - beautiful friend of Elizabeth

ELIZABETH - wife of Fred

FUTURE - stark character dressed and veiled in black

OLD JOE - ower-class pawnbroker friend of Mrs. Dilber’s

POLLY - young teenage orphan

MARTHA - young teenage orphan

EXTRAS - orphans

Our Young Artists Returned with The Enchanted Bookshop! We were so happy to see these kids back on the stage under the guidance of Theatre Mom (and Baldwin County's Best Director), Sharon Soldan Watson! The Young Artists had so much fun and put on a fantastic show!

Magical show marks return to youth stage

"Initially, Sharon Soldan Watson was afraid that two years of pandemic silence would mean the theater was forgotten.

Children, she feared, might have lost interest in performing during the stage's absence....when auditions opened for "The Enchanted Bookshop," South Baldwin Community Theatre's first Young Artist Series Production since 2019, the children not only came, they busted through the doors.

"We had so many we had to write in a few extra roles," said Watson, the show's director. "We had a lot of kids we've known for years and this whole new group of new kids. It was like they'd been waiting all this time. It was really exciting."

What a great show!

So much fresh young talent and such a LAUGH OUT LOUD performance!

FIFTY YEARS of SBCT performances were exemplified in "THE ENCHANTED BOOKSHOP" by the community-enriching work that went into the performances of these young artists. Keeping a children's theater show alive, scheduled to hit the stage in 2020, despite a two-year pandemic hiatus, is a testament to the strength of the community focus of this theater.

The funds raised by the SBCT Young Artists Series for "Project Dynamo", rescuing innocent civilians from the war in Ukraine, further proved the heart of a great little American community that has produced generations of great community theater.

My applause and my sincere regards,

Robert W. Gardner